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During last years we were working creating successful online projects and guiding others in their goals through both design, UX and online strategy.

Let’s show you a couple of examples of our work. If you’re interested in pushing your design a step further:

Visually brilliant: our work

Carlos Prieto was the first member of the Internet Department in Inditex, the world’s largest apparel retailer, where he was the designer of the first websites and Director of its first ecommerce, Zara Home.

He was also behind some famous TV shows intros in Spain. Between 2004 and 2015 he worked through his company, Abuse Studio (predecessor of The Fish) creating powerful motion graphics for TV shows like El Hormiguero, La Hora de José Mota, Pelo Pico Pata or Polònia, TV ads for companies like Estrella Galicia, and fashion videos for Zara stores.

Take a look at our demo reel below:

UI/UX Case Study: Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart is a fashion brand based in New York that offers pieces as versatile as the women wearing them. They are found in over 200 retail locations worldwide.

Apiece Apart’s ecommerce has become a fundamental part of the business but the web had certain aspects of design and usability that could be improved to boost the overall appearance of the site and, above all, to improve the conversion. Entermedia, a company specializing in Drupal and Shopify development, and Apiece Apart, trust The Fish for the UI/UX of these improvements we are creating. Take a sneak peek at five of them:

1. Woman Stories

Apiece Apart Woman Stories are key for branding and SEO. They show women with very different profiles and backgrounds: Kim Gordon, singer of Sonic Youth, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, writers, artists, executives, … Stories are interviews in which protagonists act as models of Apiece Apart pieces in beautiful photos.

We designed a perfect match between a visual product page and a storytelling long form. Apiece Apart wanted an innovative format, combined with the opportunity for the user to buy the pieces that the interviewee is wearing in a contextual way. We designed a concept in which the user can enjoy full-screen photos and large texts in a long scroll, which helps with the storytelling. Each photo is accompanied by small interactive cards at the bottom of the screen with the clothes in the photo.

When pressing the card, a panel with the product details is displayed on the right, where the user can add the item to the shopping cart while keeps reading the article.

We designed the concept in Sketch for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Then we created video simulations in After Effects so that the client and the developers could see how all the elements work.

Take a look at one example.

Apiece Apart

2. All-New Homepage Design

The Homepage is the gateway for many of the users and is where the essence and values of Apiece Apart brand must be transmitted: collaboration, color, connection, … but in the current page those values are not transmitted and there is no space for the great video productions that are being created.

The Fish has proposed a new Homepage in which videos and full-screen carousels can be combined, and featured products, texts, an Instagram module and services related to the physical store and customer service can be included.

We designed many versions and variations in Sketch for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Through video simulations, the client could see how the media and interactivity worked and they could better decide the options that better fit their brand.

Entermedia is developing these upgrades right now.

Apiece Apart Product Page

3. Clean and more desirable Product Page

Product pages are some of the most important for sales. Here most users make purchase decisions. We proposed a redesign in which the image was more prominent and where the information was easily accessible at first glance.

In conversion, the other key factor is trust, so we design better access to shipping information, returns, changes, customer service and chat for all devices. In addition to the classic related products module, the page is completed with accesses to Woman Stories in which the product is worn by women who are not models.

Apiece Apart Find Your Size

4. Customized Size Chart

For Apiece Apart, being a brand for all sizes is key. In many of their products, you can choose photos with models of different sizes to see how a piece feels for all of them and not only for thin models. In this context, a size guide “Find Your Size” is very important because Apiece Apart offers more sizes than many other brands. Instead of a generic table for all categories, we proposed a different very clean table for each category, which is much easier to use.

This is a small improvement but it can help to increase a bit conversion and sales.

Apiece Apart Category Page

5. A more usable Category Page

Category Pages are usually a bit forgotten from the point of view of SEO and usability. We saw an opportunity to include content that helps to index them better, with a prominent title, a brief but complete description and adding featured products interspersed among the product grid, which help the page “breathe” with so many items, to promote sales of certain products in the category, and to have indexable content for Google.

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